Powdermet’s technology is based on the design and production of engineered particle building blocks that incorporate nano- and micro-scale structural features engineered into a safe, free-flowing particle delivery system. These engineered particles incorporate metals, ceramics, and polymers with compositions and phase distributions engineered and controlled on three length scales simultaneously. Using standard powder metallurgy and polymer fabrication techniques, these engineered building blocks are turned into components with exceptional levels of performance and value, solving some of the toughest materials challenges faced by military and industrial users.

Powdermet’s core technical competencies include:

  • particle size reduction and agglomeration
  • spray drying
  • mechanical alloying
  • fluidized bed processing
  • particle encapsulation
  • chemical vapor deposition
  • high pressure synthesis
  • metalorganic synthesis
  • preceramic polymer
  • sol-gel
  • reaction synthesis
  • nanopowder synthesis
  • metal and ceramic injection molding
  • tape casting
  • extrusion
  • rolling
  • sintering
  • calcining
  • thermal spray
  • hot pressing
  • electrospinning
  • polymer dispersion process technologies


Specific Technologies Include:

Deformation Processing for the Development of Micro/Nanocomposite Metals

Fluid Bed Particle and CVD Coatings

Metal Injection Molding

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