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Syntactic Composites

SComP™ is a family of structural syntactic metal composites with superior strength-to-weight ratios, better formability, and lower cost compared to honeycomb and integrally stiffened panel alternatives. SComP™ materials have a structure closely approximating that of bone or wood, and have exceptional strength-to-weight ratios and energy absorption capabilities.


SComP™’s unique structure is a space-filling array of hollow spheres/microballoons in a metal matrix. These microballoons can be glass, mullite, alumina, SiC, or carbon, depending upon the metal matrix properties desired. SComP™ densities are typically 25-75% of the pure metal alloy. Modulus typically ranges from 1/4 to 1/2 that of the parent metal alloy, while mechanical properties can be 50-75% of the parent material.

SComP™ materials shine in their ability to absorb high-impact energies whether it is from large body impact, ballistics, blade fragments, or collisions.

SComP™ has a high initial crushing strength, making them ideal in situations where only high-energy threats are of concern, allowing smaller impacts to be deflected with no structural deformation while large threatening impacts will be effectively absorbed.

With more than 20 times the energy absorption per unit volume and 10 times the energy absorption per unit weight than competitive metal foams, SComP™ metallic composites are ready for your impact and ballistic mitigation needs.

SComP Panel Developed for an Army SBIR

Powdermet’s new microcomposite deformation processing facility supports the SComP™ syntactic composites that utilize ultra-low density ceramic microballoon reinforcements to provide the lowest density and the highest energy adsorption capabilities of any metallic system in advanced development today.

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