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PComP™ is a family of metal ceramic composite particles specifically engineered for thermal spray applications sold exclusively through our spinoff, MesoCoat, Inc. PComP™ composites provide and optimum blend of the high wear and hardness associated with nanocrystalline ceramic materials with the ductility and toughness of metal binders. PComP™’s Particulate Composite Powder structure combines nano-scale ceramics and metals in a patent-pending, “duplex” structure combining a nanocomposite core encapsulated with a metal coating.

PComP MicroComposite Powders (view chart)

  • Optimum metal and ceramic blends, spray-dried and sintered
  • Spherical, free-flowing
  • Micro/Nanocrystalline grain size
  • Low density cermets
  • High Deposition Efficiency
  • Improved machinability
  • High toughness coatings

Paper mill components, valve seals, pump shafts, forming rolls, bearing surfaces, hardrock equipment, compressor seals, power turbines, and other applications where hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance are needed.

PComP™ Product Descriptions

PComP Product Description

PComP™ WC-17Co

Photo-micrograph showing structure of PComP™ WC-17Co®, a cobalt-encapsulated recycled carbide material.

Nickel-encapsulated TiN particles

Photo-micrograph showing structure of Ni-encapsulated TiN particles.

PComP Advantage

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