Powdermet opens expanded facility in Euclid

Powdermet Inc.opens its 24,000 square-foot Nanomaterials Research and Manufacturing Center on Friday in Euclid, where it plans to develop new types of nanoengineered metals. 

Chief Executive Andrew Sherman called it a "mine for technology" that will feature laboratory space for six new researchers hired by the company. 

They will use nanotechnology -- the manipulation of materials at the molecular level -- to develop metals with new properties. For example, they'll be working to develop aluminum as strong as steel, Sherman said. The lightweight metal would be useful in spacecraft and armor for military vehicles. 

As new products are developed, Sherman said, he expects to form spin-off companies. 

Powdermet, which is focused on making composite particles for the powder metallurgy industry, bought the building that now houses the research center along with three others in 2003 when it moved its operations here from Sun Valley, Calif. The buildings are on a 12-acre site near Euclid Avenue and Babbitt Road. 

The company, which employs 28, expects to hire about 10 people a year for the next five years.