CVD Reactor

Powdermet’s CVD Technology to Produce Low-energy Uranium

Battelle Energy Alliance LLC subcontracted Powdermet to investigate designing and building a fluidized chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor to produce low-energy uranium for the Reduced Enrichment Research and Test Reactor Program (RERTR). The program’s purpose was to eliminate the need for highly-enriched uranium fuel to prevent its use in nuclear weapons.

The reactor was based on Powdermet’s Fast Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition process that enables the production of metal-coated fine powders. Developed by Powdermet president, Andrew Sherman, the technology is based on particles kept in suspension by the rapid motion of gaseous materials that deposit on the particles. The process provides outstanding versatility, produces coated particles with excellent homogeneity, is low in cost, and allows for close process control.

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