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Fluid bed reactor

Fluid Bed Particle Coatings

One of Powdermet Inc.’s Core technology is the ability to coat particles in the micron range using, CVD, PVD and liquid-based spray using fluidized bed technology.

The fluidized bed technique eliminates any inhomegeneties in matrix distribution and any potential for phase segregation during handling and spraying. It also enables fusion parameters to be developed whereby the coating is maintained as a continuous phase in the resultant coating.

CVD Coatings

Powdermet specializes in modifying powder and particulate surfaces through applying metal and ceramic coatings onto particulate matrices. We design, develop and manufacture metal and ceramic nanoengineered fine powders and particulates using fluidized bed surface modification technology.

Our nanoencapsulation process displaces conventional milling and blending, melt atomization, and spray drying processes for producing alloy and composite powders while providing near-atomis level control over composition, purity and structure.

Powdermet has the unique capability to engineer and manufacture composite and alloy powders and particulates down to submicron sizes, with aspect ratios up to several hundred.


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