Clean, Green, Sustainable Materials Solutions

Powdermet, Inc., located in Euclid, Ohio, is a world leader in the production of nanoengineered metallic composites.

We are committed to maturing and transitioning clean, sustainable, energy and life-saving advanced materials solutions to the marketplace.

Powdermet develops, matures and transitions breakthrough materials innovations that enable reduced weight, reduced resource consumption, reduced environmental footprint, reduced life-cycle costs and increase energy efficiency based on value creation gained through engineered nano-scale features and hierarchically structures of metal and/or ceramic phases in a structure.

Some of the company’s unique products include:

  • SComP™ – a family of structural syntactic metal-composites with superior strength to weight ratios, better formability, and lower cost compared to honeycomb and integrally stiffened panel alternatives.

  • MComP™ – (Micro/Nano Composite) hierarchically structured metals offer very high strength-to-weight ratios in magnesium and aluminum alloys.

  • EnComP™ – Energetic composites are a class of materials that engineer the storage and release of energy.

  • SynFoam™ – Powdermet’s family of structural syntactic ceramic composites combining strength, high temperature functionality and low thermal conductivity into one multifunctional material.

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